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  Diwali the festival of lights, is going to be celebrated this year on 4th November. This festival is mainly celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and some Buddhists. This festival symbolizes: "good over evil", "victory of light over darkness" and "knowledge over darkness". I t is celebrated for a period of five days and homes are renovated and decorated with diyas, lamps and beautiful rangolis. People wear the finest of clothes and partake in family gatherings and different poojas for goddess Lakshmi. In the Telugu Telangana States , Bommala Kolavu(arrangement of toys and dolls) is done during this time , Bommalu Kolavu is a step like arrangement, where each step has a set of dolls,toys and various other decor items. It is one of the most beautiful arrangements to see during Diwali.

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